Principles :
Electrical flow in a electric fencing system requires a completed circuit. The electrical current must travel from its source through the complete system and return to the source.

When electricity flows, the circuit is referred to as 'closed'. When the means are there, but no electricity flows, the circuit is 'open'. Electric fences remain 'open' until an animal closes the circuit by touching a charged wire, allowing the electricity to flow back to its source. An electric current prompts two animal reactions. A small current causes a tingling or burning sensation where applied. The sensory nerves are stimulated in the same way the animal feels hot or cold.
A large electric current interferes with muscle control signals and causes involuntary muscle reaction. The strength of the shock increases with current amount and the same time it is available. After involuntary muscle reaction has occurred, increasing the current does not have any more sensual effect, but starts to produce an electrical burn.

About Us

Established in 1999 Shur Fence Inc. has built a reputation as knowledgeable and reliable fencing company in Ontario, Canada. The prior 20 years of skills and familiarity within the fencing industry propelled this company into what it is today.

The majority of our business involves supplying and installing agricultural type fences. Some of the common ones include the standard paige wire fence, the barb fence, high tensile electric fencing and white oak board fences for horses. Shur Fence Inc. also install the newer style plastic fences for horses – PVC rail fence, Hote Cote and Flex Rail to name a few.

In some cases, there are individuals who are prepared to do the installation process on their own. In these instances, we put together a "materials package" based on a detailed drawing received from the customer.

We want you to be successful and are always happy to use our 30 years of skills and experience within the fencing industry in helping you achieve your goals.

Shur Fence Inc. offers competitive costs, quality workmanship and focus on customer's fencing needs with an emphasis on timely delivery and full customer satisfaction.

We have the proper equipment, experience, training and insurance to take care of any fencing needs that are required whether the job is at a private or a commercial site. Fence building is not a “side line” for us, it is what we do.

NEW! - 2010 Agricultural Award of Excellence - Shur Fence Inc. Small Agribusiness Award

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Shur Fence Inc.
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