Every fencing job presents slightly different problems. Building a quality fence is critical in the Canadian climate where temperatures change from freezing to hot. However, the application of a few basic principles of fence construction can result in well-built fence. Keep in mind that, like in everything else, good organization is the key. Planning and budgeting will ensure that you have proper fence and will help you to avoid unwanted financial surprises.

The cost of properly building a fence can cause some people to lose sight of the fences primary function and choose the least expensive route. While it doesn't have to break the bank, doing it right the first time will be compensated later with increased safety and peace of mind and will also decrease maintenance cost substantially.

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We at Shur Fence Inc. are committed to the highest level of quality and the best service possible. Shur Fence Inc. offers competitive costs, quality workmanship and focus on customer's fencing needs with an emphasis on timely delivery and full customer satisfaction.

We have the proper equipment, experience, training and insurance to take care of any fencing needs that are required whether the job is at a private or a commercial site. Fence building is not a “side line” for us, it is what we do. 

Whether your goal is to protect your investment, control livestock movement or distribution, keep animals in selected area, protect your pets from predators, select quality fencing for your management units, or attractively fence off an area for your business, Shur Fence Inc. offers the answer to all your fencing needs.
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Electric Fencing
Wood Fences
High Tensile Fence Wire
Fixed-Knot Game Fence
Farm & Ranch Fence
Barbed Wire
SMB - Electric Fencing Catalogue (pdf)
Fence Planning & Estimating Worksheet

Shur Fence inc. is a friendly professional company who you can depend on to get the job done right the first time. We are fully licensed and insured with a 5 million dollar liability insurance coverage and of course, our work is fully guaranteed.

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