Farm & Ranch Fence:

STANDARD - 10 gauge top and bottom wires, with 12½ gauge filter. Available in commercial galvanization.

HIGH TENSILE - 12½ gauge top and bottom wires with 14 gauge filler. Made of stronger steel, high tensile provides the same strength as standard fence in a lighter gauge wire. Available in Class III galvanization.

Class III farm and ranch fence meets or exceeds ASTM A-116.


This galvanized woven field fence is perfect for enclosing corrals and pastures. Featuring flexible hinge joints, it conforms to the landscape and minimize damage caused by livestock and weather. Strong enough to withstand abuse from horses, cattle and falling tree limbs.

Available in a variety of heights from 26" to 55" with 6" or 12" spacing. Tree Island farm and ranch fence comes in 20 ROD rolls (330').