Building a quality fence that will provide years of good service and low maintenance requires proper construction techniques. Unfortunately, many people consider fence building a low priority. The result is a poorly built fence that is a waste of time and money.

Every fencing job presents slightly different problems. Building a quality fence is critical in the Canadian climate where temperatures change from freezing to hot.

However, the application of a few basic principles of fence construction can result in well-built fence. Keep in mind that, like in everything else, good organization is the key. Planning and budgeting will ensure that you have proper fence and will help you to avoid unwanted financial surprises.


This is a high tensile fence with a fixed-knot, which holds the vertical stay wires securely in place, unlike any other fence made. The Class III galvanized coating can last up to 25 years.

Game fence is available in many sizes and wire spacings. The range in height is from 42" to 96" and the rolls are 20 rod (330') or 40 rod (660') in length. Products meets requirements of ASTM A116.