High Tensile Fence Wire:
Studies show that high tensile wire fencing is up to 20% cheaper to install than alternative fence systems, is easier to put up, safer for livestock and requires less maintenance.

High Tensile Wire:
High Tensile Wire can endure excessive pressure from livestock as well as low temperature contraction without loosing its elasticity. High-tensile wire fence can be easily electrified and will outlast most other fences.

High Tensile Fence Wire

Easy to string and handle, you can save considerable time and money with this low cost fencing alternative. Suitable for use as a permanent electrical or non-electrical fence. High elasticity and high breaking strength (1385 lbs.) practically eliminate damage done by livestock, falling objects and temperature changes.

Available in 12½ gauge galvanized (Class III) on wooden reels and coils.

Meets or exceeds ASTM A-854 and can be ordered to a strength grade 140, 180 or 200.

High Tensile Fence Wire

High Tensile Fence Wire Tab